Leader: King Magnus Terenes VII
Capital: Lolthien
Pre-History: Little is known of the history of Cumbria in the time before the Shattering. What is known comes from ancient writings, myths, and poetry.

Primitive Age: The earliest confirmed inhabitants were halfling hunter-gatherers, who eventually settled along the Aedan River that splits the country from north to south.

Iron Age: Expansion westward lead to the discovery of Iron below the Atswell Heights. Word passed and many Dwarves migrated to the region to make a living in the mines. Cumbria grew in power and renown.

The Illumination: With the rapid expansion of the Creation Doctrine still in its infancy, Cumbria was overrun by Humans. As is the case with new religions, zealotry was common in the ranks. The capital of Lolthien was established and other forms of worship were banned under penalty of death. King Magnus Terenes was established as leader of the church and the country.

Today: With the Creation Doctrine the predominant religion in all of Sanctum and its power solidified, zealotry has died off and it has shifted into a more peaceful religion. It is now explicitly taught that killing in the name of the creator is unjust. Other religions are allowed but deep seeded fear remains. The country of Cumbria is successful and proud. It is a melting pot of various races and cultures, rich in natural resources that will allow it to sustain itself for millennia to come.