The Land

Callum is situated right in the Atswell Heights with Choral Run splitting the city. Farmland is adequate surrounding the city, but the main attraction is the Callum Quarry and Mines.

The City

The people of Callum are a proud people, slow to anger and quick to trust. They believe in hard work and lending a helping hand. Drogan and Elizabeth Trufont have been the Lord and Lady of the town for 50 years. They are fair but do not tolerate not putting in your fair share. Callum does not descriminate on the basis of religion. Most citizens here don't really believe anything at all.

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Trade is fair in Callum. The King stays happy just as long as the shipments keep coming from the mine. One can make a modest living as a miner, fisherman, or farmer in Callum.

Political Figures

Lord Drogan Trufont

Lady Elizabeth Trufont


Frank - Guard Captain

Thomas - Guard

Abe Blinkin - Town Crier

Cecil - The Hound and the Kobold

Harley Fisher - The Starlight Smith

Charles Bleu - The Starlight Smith

Aoife - Head Maid for House Trufont

Brianna Tarpin - Leather and Lace

Brother Brian Wilcot - Ascetics Temple

Aleesha Bannerville - Bannerville's Herbs

Josephine Windrider - The Starling

Arf - The Starling

Hemmit Frankenstein - Build-A-Bear Workshop

Igor Nesbit - Build-A-Bear Workshop

Tilly Thimblefoot - Masquerade Madness

Bairny Fife - The Smokebairn Bookbinder

Sister Mary Katherine - Mother Mammaries

Areola Grande - Mother Mammaries

The Circus

Marco the Magnificent (Terry)

Zara Nightshade

Balthizar the Brave

Poppy Puddles

Sergei the Strong

Gabrielle Goldenlocks

Jasper Goodbarrel

Thok Ironspice