Fire in the Big Top

You wanna make a circus? You got a circus. I’ll rain on your parade, Jack. You’ll see a thunderstorm. This will not be the little drama you’ve arranged.

Ted Bundy

Returning so soon? Stubborn. Did you not learn your lesson the first time? Should I set my creation upon you once again? 

What is this, a passage, a portal, a... prison, perhaps? It is one thing to return from the great dark but to have your spirit manifest itself with all its consciousness is another. And what great power he has, to have created this labyrinth. This land becomes more interesting by the day. 

What good little mice. You have completed his game. He even rewards you for it as he escapes his confinement. Do you give no thought to what you might be releasing? I do love you, my agents of chaos.

A circus... in this town? Fascinating! Stupid... but fascinating. So trusting you are, to bring so many into your confidence. That one is bad... bad ...clearly bad. That one might help you. 

I am surprised at the number of people who are interested in this attraction. The Nameless? What kind of name is the Nameless? Ah yes, just as I expected, you are being sabotaged. And now... your tent is on fire. Who brought the orphans? Oh! A beheading! How exciting!

Those yellow eyes, those ramblings. What influence does he hold here? I should have snuffed him out long ago. Saved by the city guards again. Strategy is not your strong suit. 

I am saddened but now that I know you have attracted the attention of Xal'athar, you have forced my hand. I must remove you from the playing field. Come forth my servant. Collect the flesh of the fallen and deal with our little problem.